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Amount Project Count Task City
660.0 Army 4 vero sit sea diam Carthago
891.0 Army 3 dolores labore erat justo Neapolis
404.0 Arts 2 eos dolores sit et Carthago
100.0 Gladiators 1 sed voluptua dolore aliquyam Neapolis
103.0 Gladiators 4 magna dolores est dolor Neapolis
833.0 Gladiators 3 dolore aliquyam diam sadipscing Roma

The simplest possible usage of the table tag is to point the table tag at a java.util.List implementation and do nothing else. The table tag will iterate through the list and display a column for each property contained in the objects.

Typically, the only time that you would want to use the tag in this simple way would be during development as a sanity check. For production, you should always define at least a single column.